The Palmetto Girls State staff members are volunteers who are members of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of South Carolina and/or have attended a Girls State program. These staff members work countless hours to ensure the program is run successfully.


Florence Belser Director
Sabra Denny Assistant Director
Katie Stoughton Administrative Staff Assistant
Ashley Harmon-Poston Administrative Staff Assistant
Lauren Rawls Administrative Staff
Marissa Brown Nurse
Rebekah Lemley Nurse
Pam King Education Director
Amy Brant Education Staff Assistant
Billie Ann Blalock Education Staff Assistant
EmyKate Rutkowski Education Staff Assistant
Shannon Bruning Government Staff
Kathy Coleman Government Staff
Lynn Stokes-Murray Government Staff
Catherine Ortmann County Advisor
Anna Ortmann County Advisor
Kailey Pickitt County Advisor
Carrie Blair County Advisor
Taylor Bruenning Education Intern
Anna Grace Galloway Education Intern
Torri Johnson Education Intern
Victoria Nwankudu Education Intern
Farrah Bui Staff Floater
Noelle Chasmar Staff Floater
Brenda Collins Chaplain
Bonnie Crews Delegate Services
Meri DuPré Delegate Services Manager
Sharon Land Store Manager
Jennifer Price Staff Floater
Deborah Smith Assistant Store Manager
Louise Winesett Canteen
Katie Pennington Director
Katie Bennett Production Team
Abigayle Berendsen Production Team
Carter Dwight Production Team
Grace Hickman Production Team
Liz Jennings Production Team
Kelsey Keesee Production Team
India McBride Production Team
Emily Mulkey Production Team
Hannah Patenaude Production Team
Darian Thomas Production Team
Rachel Smith Production Team
Carlisle Stelling Production Team
Amanda Stevenson Production Team
Kathryn Stoudemire Production Team
Sara Stuart Production Team
Hannah Yarborough Production Team
Nishia Boyd Production Junior Counselor
Katherine Call Production Junior Counselor
Emily Goad Production Junior Counselor
Laura Beth Grant Production Junior Counselor
Reagan Ortt Production Junior Counselor
Cassie Nichols Production Junior Counselor
Kiara Parker Production Junior Counselor
Jade Richard Production Junior Counselor
Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan Production Junior Counselor
Brown Andrea Keesee, Senior Counselor
Sarah MacPhee, Junior Counselor
Naomi Woodbury, Junior Counselor
Carter Naomi McQuiller, Senior Counselor
Sara Jackson, Senior Counselor
MaryGrace Colburn, Junior Counselor
Caughman Alaina Belser, Senior Counselor
Katie Dodds, Junior Counselor
Collins Connor Felder, Senior Counselor
Abby Moore, Junior Counselor
Taylor Thomas, Junior Counselor
Cothran Jodi Croat, Senior Counselor
Breanna Bradham, Junior Counselor
Cody Dawkins, Junior Counselor
Ferguson Nancy Jordan, Senior Counselor
Madison Coker, Junior Counselor
Maddy Paulk, Junior Counselor
Finch Sara Beth Moore, Senior Counselor
Kaitln Fretwurst, Senior Counselor
Lauren Vaughan, Junior Counselor
Furman Ashleigh Nettles, Senior Counselor
Sallie McLeod, Junior Counselor
Katherine Zeller, Junior Counselor
Gibbons Rachel Branum, Senior Counselor
Perry Anne Robinson, Junior Counselor
Henderson Addison Allan, Senior Counselor
Kristina Grant, Junior Counselor
Kaitlyn Rikard, Junior Counselor
Hoefer Chelli Nottoli, Senior Counselor
Brielle Michaeli, Junior Counselor
Jordan Linda Smiley, Senior Counselor
Stephanie Keesee, Junior Counselor
Lown Trell Harris, Senior Counselor
Reagan Owens, Junior Counselor
McCord Michelle Troup, Senior Counselor
Alyssa Smith, Junior Counselor
McPhail Summers Binnicker, Senior Counselor
Kerria Pernell, Junior Counselor
Abbie Bruner, Junior Counselor
Murphy Mary Ellen Player, Senior Counselor
Charmaine Littlejohn, Senior Counselor
Shatari Dunmore, Junior Counselor
Sherard Sallie Ortmann, Senior Counselor
Katherine Grant, Junior Counselor
Caroline Gates, Junior Counselor
Spearman Dinah Davis Johnson, Senior Counselor
Kendall Weaver, Junior Counselor
Stokes Kristen Bell, Senior Counselor
Kellen Lott, Junior Counselor
Tate Teresia Hayes, Senior Counselor
Kate Brady, Senior Counselor
Serena Hayes, Junior Counselor
Tice Kaylan Gee, Senior Counselor
Rachael Ann Woodbury, Senior Counselor
Abby Stiver, Junior Counselor
Wallace Lane Christopher, Senior Counselor
Ambria Thomas, Junior Counselor
Williams Abby Meister, Senior Counselor
Sarah Darby, Senior Counselor
Liza Wilson, Junior Counselor