Hoda Abdalla Mayor
Madeline Crumpton City Council Member
Katherine Grace Singleton City Council Member
Katie Freeman City Council Member
Bri Woodley City Council Member
Isabel Harlow Gas Chief
Meriwether Gray Water Chief
Aiyana Holland Electric Chief
Ra’gin Slater Fire Marshall
Holly Buxton Fire Marshall
Holly Buxton City Engineer
Bella Nielson Police Chief
Sophia Pagliuca Municipal Judge
Emily Kroll Telecommunications Chief
Lauren McLennan City Recorder
Amanda Ledford Town Clerk
Becca Fogle Assistant Town Clerk
Emma Langsam Environmental Officer
Aiyana Holland Emergency Preparedness Officer
Kiki Logel Fire Chief
Kaitlyn Songer City Building Inspector
Claire Fingerlin City Development Director
Carrie Herlong Deputy Police Chief
Taylor Brown Department of Parks Manager
Eliza Pagel Library Board of Trustees
Chelsey Dougherty Library Board of Trustees
Carley Guill Library Board of Trustees
Madeleine Pollack Library Board of Trustees
Caroline Duffie Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Lainey Calabrese Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Sandreka Pixley Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Chelsea Hill City Attorney
Eve Mitchell Mayor
Curry Stephens City Manager
Reece Dawson City Council Member
Alex Svacha City Council Member
Reagan Dunnam City Council Member
Keely Brown City Council Member
Payton Saunders Gas Chief
Belle Dodson Water Chief
Jillee Anna Walter Electric Chief
Rachel Ulmer Fire Marshall
Morgan Crocker City Engineer
Hannah Herring Police Chief
Grace Anne Brown Municipal Judge
Maddie Bryant Telecommunications Chief
Jada Johnson City Recorder
Jazmin Dunlap Town Clerk
Mary Morgan Assistant Town Clerk
Kilee Knight Environmental Officer
Hannah Bennett Emergency Preparedness Officer
Dottie Rickenbaker Emergency Preparedness Officer
Baxley Crippen Fire Chief
Kaitlynn Creel City Building Inspector
Anna Dunn City Development Director
Haley Satterfield Deputy Police Chief
Naomi LaRoche Department of Parks Manager
Maddie Bryant Library Board of Trustees
Jillee Anna Walter Library Board of Trustees
Grace Anne Brown Library Board of Trustees
Nidhi Patel Library Board of Trustees
Grace Anne Brown Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Nidhi Patel Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Lins Rivera Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Laura Pryor Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Curry Stephens City Attorney
Kilee Knight Natural Resource Inspector
Anna Keith Bench Mayor
Danbi Jung City Council Member
Rae Docherty City Council Member
Emme McCutchen City Council Member
Julia Fricks Gas Chief
Kaylee Mixon Water Chief
Zeniayah Capers Electric Chief
Lauren Nagel Fire Marshall
Annalee Rodgers City Engineer
Rachel King Police Chief
Elliott Marron Municipal Judge
Mary Kathryn Pelfrey Telecommunications Chief
Elizabeth McLaughlin City Recorder
Leia Cogdill Town Clerk
Breanna Lisenby Assistant Town Clerk
Lauren Crider Environmental Officer
Brantly Murphy Emergency Preparedness Officer
Micaela Jack Fire Chief
Addie Wright City Building Inspector
Kaylee Mixon City Building Inspector
Mary Kathryn Pelfrey City Development Director
Cameron Beckum Deputy Police Chief
Abby Jordan Deputy Police Chief
Rachel Twitty Department of Parks Manager
Cameron Beckum Library Board of Trustees
Micaela Jack Library Board of Trustees
Rae Docherty Library Board of Trustees
Elizabeth McLaughlin Library Board of Trustees
EmmaLee Sams Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Elliott Marron Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Leia Cogdill Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Madeline Tuck City Attorney
Taylor-Lauren Adams Mayor
Bridgette Welch City Council Member
Emmeline Basco City Council Member
Karin Brannon City Council Member
Mary Stack Summers Gas Chief
Ellen Spiers Water Chief
Kristen Randolph Electric Chief
Kaitlyn Rentz Fire Marshall
Jazlyn Gallishaw City Engineer
Kass Mayfield Police Chief
Haley Andersen Municipal Judge
Cici Corley Telecommunications Chief
Grace Stephenson City Recorder
Faith Hyman Town Clerk
Stephanie Hooker Assistant Town Clerk
Jazlyn Gallishaw Environmental Officer
Morgan Streicher Environmental Officer
Licia Avellaneda-Cruz Emergency Preparedness Officer
Kass Mayfield Emergency Preparedness Officer
Bridgette Welch Fire Chief
Cici Corley City Building Inspector
Bailey Williamson City Development Director
Mollie Carter Deputy Police Chief
Emily Taylor Department of Parks Manager
Licia Avellaneda-Cruz Library Board of Trustees
Emily Taylor Library Board of Trustees
Morgan Streicher Library Board of Trustees
Emmeline Basco Library Board of Trustees
Emily Taylor Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Bailey Williamson Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Ellen Spiers Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Ellen Spiers City Attorney
Ivy Bryan Mayor
Kiki Jones City Council Member
Penelope Williams City Council Member
Kennedy Duffie City Council Member
Gillian Patton City Council Member
Kelis Wilson Gas Chief
Autumn Jackson Water Chief
Abbey Huff Electric Chief
Aerial D. Johnson Fire Marshall
Sarah Young Fire Marshall
Kelis Wilson Fire Marshall
Abbey Huff City Engineer
Jessa Philp Police Chief
Cynthia Vu Municipal Judge
Hannah Lang Telecommunications Chief
Madison (Marie) Sexton City Recorder
Griffith Hill Town Clerk
Tianna Fritz Assistant Town Clerk
Autumn Jackson Environmental Officer
Lillian Maple Environmental Officer
Kaylynn Roche Emergency Preparedness Officer
Lily Graham Emergency Preparedness Officer
Beth Wiggins Fire Chief
Georgia Jenkins City Building Inspector
Mary-Clark Cavendish City Building Inspector
Anna Fuller City Building Inspector
Adriannah Johnson City Development Director
Heather Varn City Development Director
Sarah Taylor Deputy Police Chief
Josie Cantey Department of Parks Manager
T’Meira Brown Library Board of Trustees
Jackie LiBrizzi Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Reid Riddle Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Rachel Morris City Attorney
Autumn O’Shields Mayor
Ava Gracen Grainger City Council Member
Kendall Vorhis City Council Member
Aja Shilo-Evans City Council Member
Hunter Benson Gas Chief
Emily Davidson Water Chief
Madelyne Powell Electric Chief
Caitlin FitzGerald Fire Marshall
Brantley Ward City Engineer
Elaine Robbins Police Chief
Taylor Leviner Municipal Judge
Molly Sutton Telecommunications Chief
Maggie Bowers City Recorder
Rose Cronin Town Clerk
Angel Jordan Assistant Town Clerk
Sydney Osborne Environmental Officer
Brooklynne Chappelear Emergency Preparedness Officer
Grace Miller Fire Chief
Savannah Fields City Building Inspector
Rachel Porter City Development Director
Amber Turner Deputy Police Chief
Megan Caudell Department of Parks Manager
Kim Rush Library Board of Trustees
Genna Rivers Library Board of Trustees
Sydney Osborne Library Board of Trustees
Molly Sutton Library Board of Trustees
Abby Dugan Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Emily Davidson Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Hunter Benson Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Rachel Porter Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Angel Jordan Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Abby Smith City Attorney
Kaylie Fringer Mayor
Delaney Toomer City Council Member
Claire Younger City Council Member
Kirby Brown City Council Member
Martha Jones City Council Member
Margaret Wang Gas Chief
Kayleigh Benenhaley Water Chief
Leonna Wright Electric Chief
Khynnedi Starnes Fire Marshall
Molly Heidt Fire Marshall
Lauren Shoup City Engineer
Madison Benton City Engineer
Margaret Shaughnessy Police Chief
Lauren Shoup Municipal Judge
Erin O’Rourke Telecommunications Chief
Jessica Figueroa-Perez City Recorder
Danielle Edwards Town Clerk
Chiana Leaphart Assistant Town Clerk
Abbey Smith Environmental Officer
Maddy Matthews Environmental Officer
Lauren Alvarez Environmental Officer
Allison Krivda Emergency Preparedness Officer
Madison Baxley Emergency Preparedness Officer
Haley Miller Fire Chief
Jaime Frey City Building Inspector
Rachel Osipov City Building Inspector
Greer Arcomona City Development Director
Tori Smith City Development Director
Da’Vidria Robinson Deputy Police Chief
Claire Ouzts Deputy Police Chief
Corey Nichols Department of Parks Manager
Da’Vidria Robinson Library Board of Trustees
Leonna Wright Library Board of Trustees
Margaret Shaughnessy Library Board of Trustees
Maddy Matthews Library Board of Trustees
Khynnedi Starnes Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Rachel Osipov Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Jaime Frey Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Erin O’Rourke Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Claire Ouzts Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Kayleigh Benenhaley City Attorney
Destiny Sullivan Mayor
Charlotte Pollack City Council Member
Maddie Timms City Council Member
Kayla Arnau City Council Member
Ellena Nguyen City Council Member
Mallory Hatchett Gas Chief
Mary Virginia Ardis Water Chief
Ela Ender Electric Chief
Kayla Arnau Fire Marshall
Marrissa Floyd City Engineer
Aysha Scott Police Chief
Cortney Gray Municipal Judge
Morgan Marlett Telecommunications Chief
Lizzie Dunlap City Recorder
Ravyn Smith Town Clerk
Sarah Porter Assistant Town Clerk
Judy Miles Environmental Officer
Charlotte Capers Snoad Environmental Officer
Ellie Mow Emergency Preparedness Officer
Megan Grubbs Fire Chief
Tessa Fonteneau City Building Inspector
Mauri Carrie City Development Director
Morgan Marlett Deputy Police Chief
Riley DeLavan Department of Parks Manager
Ela Ender Library Board of Trustees
Charlotte Capers Snoad Library Board of Trustees
Charlotte Pollack Library Board of Trustees
Ashley Reichard Library Board of Trustees
Makayla Bowen Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Tessa Fonteneau Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Erin Taylor Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Morgan Thomas Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Meagan O’Banion Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Cat Jumper City Attorney
Grace Myers Mayor
Kiersten White City Council Member
Marg Catoe City Council Member
Meri-Liv Gray City Council Member
Sophia Moschella City Council Member
Rachel Riley Gas Chief
Haley Saylor Water Chief
Olivia Strock Electric Chief
Davis Jackson City Engineer
Gracelyn Metts City Engineer
Makenzie Diehl Police Chief
Jordin Bell Municipal Judge
Chandler Cooper City Recorder
Taylor Stamper Town Clerk
Rachel Riley Assistant Town Clerk
Emily Terry Environmental Officer
Marg Catoe Emergency Preparedness Officer
Courtney Shipman Emergency Preparedness Officer
Jordan Cummings Fire Chief
Emma Sutton Fire Chief
Britni Anderson City Building Inspector
Haleigh Keziah City Development Director
Peyton Burke Deputy Police Chief
Emily Jackson Department of Parks Manager
Nyala Culler Library Board of Trustees
Emily SantiAnna Library Board of Trustees
Gracelyn Metts Library Board of Trustees
Nyala Culler Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Emily Jackson Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Emily SantiAnna Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Davis Jackson City Attorney
Hailey Lingle Mayor
Virginia Holcombe City Manager
Lexi Thomason City Council Member
Mary-Charlotte Dusa City Council Member
Alexis Wood City Council Member
Skyler McCoy Gas Chief
Paige Zeigler Water Chief
Reet Verma Electric Chief
Tegan Sigafoos Fire Marshall
Shanyia Gamble City Engineer
Abby Mitchum Police Chief
Erin Thomason Municipal Judge
Jazmine Rainey Telecommunications Chief
Lauren Brewington City Recorder
Ashlyn Harp City Recorder
Zaria Watson Town Clerk
Juanita Hickmon Assistant Town Clerk
Emily Vandale Environmental Officer
Taylor Hicks Environmental Officer
Bekah Shoop Environmental Officer
Claire Bruno Emergency Preparedness Officer
Amber McCombs Fire Chief
Mayah Lee City Building Inspector
Olivia Rodriguez City Development Director
Erin Leigh Dickey City Development Director
Ashley Stevens Deputy Police Chief
Jazmine Rainey Department of Parks Manager
Erin Thomason Library Board of Trustees
Emily Vandale Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Claire Bruno Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Emily Vandale City Attorney
McKinley Sanders Mayor
Rhett Adams City Council Member
Emily Herndon City Council Member
Cameryn Coursen City Council Member
Taryn Jett City Council Member
Tania Yacu Fire Marshall
Savannah Hewitt Fire Marshall
Sally McGuirt City Engineer
Savannah Hewitt Police Chief
Lore Harvin Municipal Judge
Abbey Russ City Recorder
Rylan Whitt City Recorder
Lauren Lee Town Clerk
Madison Scimanico Assistant Town Clerk
Marin Ama Environmental Officer
Bladen Bates Emergency Preparedness Officer
Madisyn Williams Fire Chief
Rachel Faulkenberry City Building Inspector
Aiden McCabe City Development Director
Leah Ogle City Development Director
Marena Fleming Deputy Police Chief
Ansley Robinson Department of Parks Manager
Bonnie Frick Library Board of Trustees
Ingrid Singleton Library Board of Trustees
Kathryn Parker Library Board of Trustees
Laine Thompkins Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Taylor Collins Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Laura Ann Moore Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Lilyann Kanipe Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Takayla Hart Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Noel Dotson City Attorney
Laura McInnis Natural Resource Inspector
Samantha Norton Mayor
Georgia Summer City Manager
Anna Pereda City Council Member
Sarah Blackmon City Council Member
Diya Patel City Council Member
Madison Locklear Gas Chief
Hannah Grace Reeves Water Chief
Georgia Anne Mattar Electric Chief
Samantha Norton Fire Marshall
Diya Patel Fire Marshall
Lauren Connelly Fire Marshall
Kendall Mohr City Engineer
Averia Young City Engineer
Jadyn Murphy Police Chief
Lauren Connelly Municipal Judge
Brianna Todd City Recorder
Diamond Lowery City Recorder
Grier Hensley Town Clerk
Hannah Grace Reeves Assistant Town Clerk
Molly Woodle Environmental Officer
Anna Pereda Environmental Officer
Grier Hensley Emergency Preparedness Officer
Hallie Palms Emergency Preparedness Officer
Kiara Johnson Fire Chief
Kendall Mohr City Building Inspector
Brianna Todd City Building Inspector
Molly Woodle City Building Inspector
Georgia Anne Mattar City Development Director
Alayna Carabo City Development Director
Kelly-Rae Alexander Deputy Police Chief
Averia Young Deputy Police Chief
Madison Locklear Department of Parks Manager
Georgia Anne Mattar Library Board of Trustees
Kiara Johnson Library Board of Trustees
Alayna Carabo Library Board of Trustees
Sarah Blackmon Library Board of Trustees
Lauren Connelly Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Samantha Norton Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Brianna Todd Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Averia Young Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Diamond Lowery Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Kelly-Rae Alexander City Attorney
Anna Wicker Mayor
Ericka Dash City Council Member
Emilee Ellison City Council Member
Ellee Mikell City Council Member
Sarah Mobley Gas Chief
Heather Gamble Water Chief
Maddie Leland Electric Chief
Ashlyn Moore Fire Marshall
Carmen Sharpe Fire Marshall
Frances Singletary City Engineer
Maddie Leland City Engineer
Aubri Green Police Chief
Addie Townsend Municipal Judge
Kayla Stanley Telecommunications Chief
Heather Gamble City Recorder
Kiara Glover Town Clerk
McKenna Smith Environmental Officer
Taylor Dowling-Bowman Environmental Officer
Anna McGowan Emergency Preparedness Officer
Addie Townsend Emergency Preparedness Officer
Johanna Philyaw Fire Chief
Brandy Lemmon Deputy Police Chief
Melanie Snider Department of Parks Manager
Marigordon Varner Library Board of Trustees
Brandy Lemmon Library Board of Trustees
Aubri Green Library Board of Trustees
Ashlyn Moore Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Emilee Ellison Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Maddie Leland Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Marigordon Varner City Attorney
Kinzy Messer Natural Resource Inspector
Grayson Murray Mayor
Alissa Pressley City Council Member
Kendyl Baxley City Council Member
Kim Garcia City Council Member
Atley Livingston City Council Member
Anna Mueller Gas Chief
Elissa Reckdenwald Water Chief
Rayanna Cape Electric Chief
Morgan Cooper Fire Marshall
Soleil Kline Schaffer Fire Marshall
Tatii Stuckey City Engineer
Kelly Venning Police Chief
Adreana Flores Municipal Judge
Adreana Flores Telecommunications Chief
Madison Sharpe City Recorder
Amanda Glover City Recorder
Meredith Ware Town Clerk
Emily Grace Jones Assistant Town Clerk
Julia Bland Environmental Officer
Tiana Robidoux Emergency Preparedness Officer
Lauryn Wilson Fire Chief
Rebecca Avakian City Building Inspector
Shay Pringle City Building Inspector
Joy Renfrow City Building Inspector
Catherine McLean City Development Director
Holly Ferguson City Development Director
Sarah Thomas Deputy Police Chief
Amber Bass Department of Parks Manager
Kelly Venning Library Board of Trustees
Rayanna Cape Library Board of Trustees
Catherine McLean Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Soleil Kline Schaffer Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Holly Ferguson Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Meredith Ware Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Rebecca Avakian Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Lauryn Wilson City Attorney
Nyra Govan Mayor
Reedy Newton City Council Member
Lee McCutchen City Council Member
Emily Medich City Council Member
Sallie Limehouse City Council Member
Emily Todd Gas Chief
Taylor Hays Water Chief
Sharisse McPhail Electric Chief
Haleigh Pressley Fire Marshall
Kaitlynn Horton Fire Marshall
Bri Rhodes City Engineer
Chauncey Goodson Police Chief
Alexandra Simons Municipal Judge
Chauncey Goodson Telecommunications Chief
Abbie Martin City Recorder
Molly Corcoran Town Clerk
Tenna Marie Kinard Assistant Town Clerk
Naama Rosen Environmental Officer
Jordan Kirkley Environmental Officer
Sharisse McPhail Emergency Preparedness Officer
Taylor Hays Fire Chief
Hayley Gordon City Building Inspector
Jacqueline Reaves City Development Director
Kennedy Overton Deputy Police Chief
Victoria Burgess Department of Parks Manager
Rachel White Library Board of Trustees
Olivia Jans Library Board of Trustees
Melody Odom Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Hannah Trayhan Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Caleigh Caldwell Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Lauren West Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Makayla Grady City Attorney
Yassi Evans Mayor
Adriana Heath City Council Member
Claire Brown City Council Member
Annie Kate Watson City Council Member
Olivia McGonigal Gas Chief
Meaghan Frazier Water Chief
Hayley Brown Electric Chief
Letia Davis Fire Marshall
Michaela Grant City Engineer
Anna E. Mercer Police Chief
Hayley Brown Municipal Judge
Ashli Neal Telecommunications Chief
Mary Kathryn Gillespie City Recorder
Marie Joyner Town Clerk
Aiyana Dukes Assistant Town Clerk
Michaela Grant Environmental Officer
Frannie Small Emergency Preparedness Officer
Emily Bates Emergency Preparedness Officer
Jaquela Fields Fire Chief
Ashli Neal City Building Inspector
Hailey Leitner City Development Director
Josie Merck Deputy Police Chief
Anna E. Mercer Department of Parks Manager
Hailey Leitner Library Board of Trustees
Frannie Small Library Board of Trustees
Jaquela Fields Library Board of Trustees
Giselle Mota Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Mary Kathryn Gillespie Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Jaquela Fields Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Josie Merck Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Frannie Small City Attorney
Charlie Forstein Mayor
Pooja Patel City Manager
Cassidy Bell City Council Member
Camila Rueda Torres City Council Member
Maria Guzman City Council Member
Madelyn Corbin City Council Member
Kelsi Sullivan Gas Chief
Madelyn Corbin Water Chief
Molly Miller Electric Chief
Priscilla Nguyen Fire Marshall
Bailey Chariker Fire Marshall
Leah London City Engineer
Caitlin Watts City Engineer
Anna Crump Police Chief
Leila Katherine Sconyers Municipal Judge
Sarah Emily Rast Telecommunications Chief
Cassidy Bell City Recorder
Bailey Chariker City Recorder
Quanni Vick Town Clerk
Rachel Simpkins Assistant Town Clerk
Sarah Emily Rast Environmental Officer
Molly Miller Environmental Officer
Sarah Beth Woodfin Emergency Preparedness Officer
Madelyn Corbin Emergency Preparedness Officer
Arteria Gibson Fire Chief
Morgan Marlowe City Building Inspector
Mary Price City Building Inspector
Shelbi Frederick City Development Director
Charlie Forstein City Development Director
Ledare Livingston Deputy Police Chief
Madelyn Corbin Department of Parks Manager
Kailey Cleveland Library Board of Trustees
Camila Rueda Torres Library Board of Trustees
Ciara Mace Library Board of Trustees
Morgan Blanchard Library Board of Trustees
Davis Wash Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Bryce Blakeney Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Madison (Grace) Sexton Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Emily Stacy City Attorney
Kelsi Sullivan Natural Resource Inspector
Amayia Davis Mayor
Mackenzie Thackston City Council Member
Lainey Powers City Council Member
Keillen Rico Espinoza City Council Member
Molly Kate Claxton City Council Member
Cecilia McGinnis Gas Chief
Katherine Uprichard Water Chief
Caitlyn Howard Electric Chief
Katherine Beehler Fire Marshall
Caroline Elliott City Engineer
Toni Rae Davis Police Chief
Caroline Elliott Municipal Judge
Elyse Counselman Telecommunications Chief
Kaylyn Herlong City Recorder
Ellie Hatcher City Recorder
Amaya Banks Town Clerk
Heidi Conyers Assistant Town Clerk
Ruthie Baggett Environmental Officer
Lillian Sumner Environmental Officer
Rebecca Grover Emergency Preparedness Officer
Katie Allen Fire Chief
Katherine Golembesky City Building Inspector
Callie McAdams City Building Inspector
Chelsea Goggins City Building Inspector
Britton McCutchen City Development Director
Mariana Maldonado City Development Director
Nella Stringer Deputy Police Chief
Cassidy Habitzruther Deputy Police Chief
Katherine Beehler Department of Parks Manager
Kate Ellis Library Board of Trustees
Nella Stringer Library Board of Trustees
Lillian Sumner Library Board of Trustees
Callie McAdams Library Board of Trustees
Britton McCutchen Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Katherine Golembesky Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Ruthie Baggett Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Katie Allen Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Cassidy Habitzruther Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Chelsea Goggins City Attorney
Kate Ellis Natural Resource Inspector
Dahnielle Milton Mayor
Taylor Owens City Manager
Alyssa Zorn City Council Member
Madyson Patsel City Council Member
OT Thompson City Council Member
Anna-Grace Langley City Council Member
Kaylee Boger Gas Chief
Adair Bannister Water Chief
Olivia Anglin Electric Chief
Keller Hudson Fire Marshall
Morgan Acord Fire Marshall
Bailee Faile City Engineer
Alaa Ismail City Engineer
Sadie Chafe Police Chief
Rachel Burns Municipal Judge
Iman Drakeford Telecommunications Chief
Lauren Evan Gilmer City Recorder
Peyton Herndon Town Clerk
Kate Jones Assistant Town Clerk
Maggie Campbell Environmental Officer
KaNya McCree Emergency Preparedness Officer
Mary Grace Rountree Fire Chief
Hadley Hathaway City Building Inspector
Anne Land Welch City Development Director
Trinity Reese City Development Director
Margaret Godbold Deputy Police Chief
Madison Quick Deputy Police Chief
Vanessa Harshaw Department of Parks Manager
Anna Gooding Library Board of Trustees
Isabel Smith Library Board of Trustees
Iman Drakeford Library Board of Trustees
Hadley Hathaway Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Anna Natziger Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Maddy Grant City Attorney
Patience Brown Mayor
Mary Ellis O’Cain City Manager
Lisa Freissle City Council Member
Jenna Wilson City Council Member
Margaret Greene City Council Member
Makaria Sanders Gas Chief
Annie Goss Water Chief
Kathryn Wilbanks Electric Chief
Cailah Tolbert Fire Marshall
Mary Ellis O’Cain Fire Marshall
Kathryn Wilbanks Fire Marshall
Patience Brown City Engineer
Jamara Green City Engineer
Annie Goss Police Chief
Lisa Freissle Municipal Judge
Cate Watson Telecommunications Chief
Kendall Bell City Recorder
Alina Kazmi City Recorder
Sarah Beth Sheridan Town Clerk
Jessie Hoerner Assistant Town Clerk
Mari Addison Environmental Officer
Arleth Angeles Mendoza Environmental Officer
Patience Brown Environmental Officer
Alina Kazmi Emergency Preparedness Officer
Kendall Bell Emergency Preparedness Officer
Annie Goss Fire Chief
Lisa Freissle City Building Inspector
Cailah Tolbert City Building Inspector
Mary Tillman Davis City Building Inspector
Joslyn Scahill City Development Director
Shawneyah Capers City Development Director
Bella Parsons Deputy Police Chief
Cate Watson Deputy Police Chief
Joslyn Scahill Department of Parks Manager
Margaret Greene Library Board of Trustees
Amanda Murray Library Board of Trustees
Kendall Bell Library Board of Trustees
Lisa Freissle Library Board of Trustees
Bella Parsons Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Margaret Greene Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Mari Addison Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Jamara Green Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Kendall Bell Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Sarah Beth Sheridan City Attorney
Auri Bruster Mayor
Sidney Gray City Council Member
Anna Wallace Lee City Council Member
Kelli Fonce City Council Member
Atashanay Eskridge City Council Member
Anna Taylor Gas Chief
Abby Kibler Water Chief
Libby Daniel Electric Chief
Allison Buehler Fire Marshall
Libby Daniel Fire Marshall
Caroline Bedenbaugh Fire Marshall
Destinee Taylor City Engineer
Jasmine Jones Police Chief
Abbey Baker Municipal Judge
Callie Grace McManus Telecommunications Chief
Haleigh Scott City Recorder
Emma Williams Town Clerk
Callie Grace McManus Assistant Town Clerk
Grayson Jeffords Environmental Officer
Tristen Bodiford Environmental Officer
Haylee Rikard Emergency Preparedness Officer
Anna Anderson Fire Chief
Jasmine Jones City Building Inspector
Allison Buehler City Development Director
Alyssa Morgan City Development Director
Page Vick Deputy Police Chief
Mariah Yoder Department of Parks Manager
Justice Myers Library Board of Trustees
Page Vick Library Board of Trustees
Carrie Metts Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Maddie Buisch Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Christiana Wayne City Attorney
Breanna Calhoun Mayor
Gloria Grace Murray City Manager
EC Walpole City Council Member
Mary Kathryn Ballentine City Council Member
Mya Brice City Council Member
Dasani Morris City Council Member
Breanna Calhoun Gas Chief
Lauren Hyman Water Chief
Landry Gwinn Electric Chief
Macy Wolf Fire Marshall
Savannah Jacobs Fire Marshall
Summer Barrett City Engineer
Emily Camp Police Chief
Camryn Edwards Municipal Judge
Grace McKinney Telecommunications Chief
Nina Sauls City Recorder
Tyler Louise Brown Town Clerk
Lydia Plyler Assistant Town Clerk
Dasani Morris Environmental Officer
Tate Greene Emergency Preparedness Officer
Mary Kathryn Ballentine Emergency Preparedness Officer
Caroline Crowe Fire Chief
Sabrina McCarter City Building Inspector
Baileigh Sizemore City Development Director
Anne Garrett Carter Deputy Police Chief
Lizzie Naval Department of Parks Manager
Payson Richardson Library Board of Trustees
Taylor Crews Library Board of Trustees
Emily Eaddy Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Summer Thompson City Attorney
Makenna Adkins Mayor
Grey Anne Cummings City Council Member
Melody Brown City Council Member
Emma Gonzales City Council Member
Lindsey Burroughs Gas Chief
Evelyn Stephens Water Chief
Brice Crider Electric Chief
Akira Salle Fire Marshall
Erica Douglas Fire Marshall
Savannah Noblitt Fire Marshall
De Woods City Engineer
Angel Cooke Police Chief
Megan Sanders Municipal Judge
Bri Freeman Telecommunications Chief
Florence Wang City Recorder
Melody Brown City Recorder
Erica Douglas Town Clerk
Makenna Adkins Assistant Town Clerk
Evelyn Stephens Environmental Officer
Akira Salle Emergency Preparedness Officer
Hannah Corbett Emergency Preparedness Officer
An Nguyen Fire Chief
Tyanna Porter City Building Inspector
Grey Anne Cummings City Development Director
Emma Gonzales Deputy Police Chief
Bri Freeman Department of Parks Manager
Brice Crider Library Board of Trustees
Ellie Sumner Library Board of Trustees
Akira Salle Library Board of Trustees
Erica Douglas Library Board of Trustees
Jade Watford Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Florence Wang Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Brice Crider Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Hannah Corbett Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Jade Watford City Attorney
Daa’iyah Fogle Mayor
Mary Shaffer City Council Member
Andrea Kimpson City Council Member
Hannah Hughes City Council Member
Taylor Belue City Council Member
Courtnie Stafford Gas Chief
Emma Merritt Water Chief
Abby Thornton Electric Chief
Shaniyah Parker Fire Marshall
Tessa Wilson Fire Marshall
Kirsten Brown Fire Marshall
Andrea Kimpson City Engineer
Cassidy Kitchens City Engineer
Kamille Bush Police Chief
Cassidy Kitchens Municipal Judge
Julia Donevant Telecommunications Chief
Courtnie Stafford City Recorder
Caroline King City Recorder
Janiya Plowden Town Clerk
Sully Hutto Assistant Town Clerk
Elizabeth McInnis Environmental Officer
Meg Respass Environmental Officer
Taylor Belue Emergency Preparedness Officer
Abby Thornton Emergency Preparedness Officer
MaKayla Harris Fire Chief
Caroline King City Building Inspector
Brooke Murray City Building Inspector
Shaniyah Parker City Building Inspector
Kiara Taylor City Development Director
Emma Merritt City Development Director
Kenzie MacQueen City Development Director
Mary Shaffer Deputy Police Chief
Amy Beth McCutchen Deputy Police Chief
Taylor Belue Department of Parks Manager
Madison Aycock Library Board of Trustees
Caroline Steele Library Board of Trustees
Savannah Bonds Library Board of Trustees
Janiya Plowden Library Board of Trustees
Ally Ray Library Board of Trustees
Sully Hutto Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Madison Aycock Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Andrea Kimpson Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Grace Covan Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Ally Ray Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Kenzie MacQueen Chamber of Commerce Representatives
Brooke Murray City Attorney
Lee Hodge Natural Resource Inspector